Next-Level Interactions

Based upon deep learning neural network technology, VOCALIZE optimizes the speech recognition whatever ambient and workers conditions are, offering new advantages.

Speaker-Dependent Systems

Speaker-dependent systems require training and they are not available for use immediately. User’s words profiling is necessary, and while it does understand any language or dialect, it is limited by the repeated word profiling activities necessary for the system’s re-training. These systems are affected by the decay and wear of the hardware and will decrease in performance over time.

Speaker-inDependent Systems

This system has no need for training, and is available for immediate use. However it is able to recognize a reference language only with a “standard” pronunciation and phonetic variations of worker’s voice require further optimization, while being affected by the decay and wear of the hardware, decreasing the performance.


Immediate Usage,
no System training required

The ideal solution when employing seasonal, weekly or even daily workers.

any language or dialect

VOCALIZE is able to recognize any language, accent or dialect, automatically adapting to variations in language. 

No periodical optimization is required. In fact, phonetic variations in the worker’s voice are automatically profiled inside the software.

not hardware-dependent

The hardware’s wear and tear and decay do not affect the performance or recognition ability of the system.

Next-Level Applications

Find out how VOCALIZE can expand to multiple warehouse applications and to other supply chain workflows.

Next-Level Fulfillment

Learn how VOCALIZE could transform interactions between humans and machines by allowing voice-driven activities to be synchronized with AMRs.