Skill Excellence
at your Fingertips

By opting to buy a VOCALIZE system, directly or through our network of selected partners, you can source all the services for a state-of-the-art installation and maintenance of your voice system.

process analysis and consulting

By interpreting the current workflows, our analysts convert your operations into voice-directed activities by improving and extending the functionalities of the systems compared with the legacy solution.

Host integration

VOCALIZE offers the integration with existing business systems and IT infrastructures, providing with several server-client options to enable efficient data flow.

The dialog engine can reside either into the voice client or in the host system, depending on the most useful architecture you want to choose.

Dialogs Design

Voice Client applications can be developed to assist multiple warehouse workflows, satisfying enterprise specificity when moving own SKUs.

Therefore, VOCALIZE can support most, if not all, of your door-to-door warehouse operations, in addition to traditional voice picking.

System Implementation and Workers Training

VOCALIZE system implementation procedures foresee the full involvement of warehouse associates by providing your whole team with guidance and support for a perfect implementation and project completion.

Appropriate training is delivered to each worker and supervisors to support lifetime efficiency and system administration.

Solution Results

We aim at providing VOCALIZE users with excellent operational results by matching the expected KPI, defined in the initial workflow analysis.

Expect to see major improvements, either if you are a current voice user or new to this technology.

Lifetime Maintenance and Support

By subscribing a VOCALIZE LifeCare Contract, the system will be elegible to receive periodic software maintenance releases and a hotline service to quickly enroute operating issues via a transparent ticketing process.