Multiple Processes

Thanks to cutting-edge hardware devices with exceptional capabilities and a state-of-the-art software platform that utilizes AI-based recognition, VOCALIZE enables companies to complement traditional picking with additional applications to extend the possibilities for further savings and evolve process management across the entire supply chain.


Some goods receiving operations require additional checks or quality controls for which voice checks and image capturing may reduce completion times. VOCALIZE supports checks and verifications whenever a regulatory compliance is part of the process, e.g. controlling temperature of goods at receiving in cold chains.

Put Away

Placing the correct product in the right place on the shelf is one of the most critical phases for any distribution center as a single storage error can result in numerous picking errors once the wrong product is placed in the location. VOCALIZE supports forklift drivers in operating safely, with no distractions while driving through the aisles and by executing the correct stocking of goods.

Cross Docking

VOCALIZE supports the management of staging areas, where portions of incoming goods can be split to be sent to storage or to different destinations.


The large amount of transactions and operators involved in operations offers significant opportunities to improve productivity, especially when transitioning from paper or screen-directed operations to Voice-directed methods. VOCALIZE supports picking in any modality, as required by the WMS; therefore, discrete batch picking, catch-weight, put-to-store, pick-and-pass or any other method can be fully supported.

Since the majority of picking errors occur as inverted locations or during the counting process, VOCALIZE helps in both cases by leveraging check-digits and routines, supporting the counting process.

Packing & shipping

VOCALIZE increases ergonomics for packing stations, where a mix of scanning, counting, image capturing and label printing can complement a qualified set of information to accompany the shipping of goods.

Reverse Logistics

VOCALIZE can guide the flow of returning goods, supporting their identification and status verification, to determine successive phases of restocking or invoicing with complementary documentation.

Let Down and Replenishment

VOCALIZE guides operators in the identification of pallets even at high altitudes, suggesting their breakdown as per the WMS’s indications and allows subsequent shelving of smaller packages or pieces in their correct positions.

In addition, the absence of screens, keyboards, and scanners allows for smoother operations and improved safety. Shelves are replenished faster and more accurately, supporting picking activities, raising the percentage of complete orders.

Truck Loading

A perfect picking generates pallets and complete orders. This can be nullified by a missing/incorrect check during loading. VOCALIZE helps in keeping control of completed orders and establishing the correct loading sequence onto the carrier. Also, integrating voice with a photo application makes it possible to ensure load compliance and resolve any future dispute.


VOCALIZE can support the operator in cycle-counting either as a stand-alone activity or periodically embedded into other operations, allowing perfect stock alignment with the information systems.