Enterprise Connectors

Thanks to a range of 7 different Enterprise Connectors, VOCALIZE can be easily integrated into the most common host systems. KFI offers secific applications to fit any ERP and WMS and the best Professional Service Pack to support your technical team in all circumstances.

Vocalize Director

The VOCALIZE Director allows the management and control of VOCALIZE Android clients deployed in specific application areas.

Vocalize Engine

It is the Core Android application installed in the voice client devices; it generates the man-machine interaction (Voice User Inteface). VOCALIZE Engine is configured and controlled via the VOCALIZE Director.

VOCALIZE'S 7 Enterprise Connectors


This scenario requires the use of a Socket TCP/IP Connector for data exchange.



The process logic lies in the host system, which publishes the voice dialog commands to a MQTT server.


The process logic lies in the host system which manages the workflow, typically based on screens.


The process logic lies in the SAP host system which manages a workflow based on screens interface.


This method uses the standard SAP RFC protocol, therefore the effort to recall existing functions with RFC calls is reduced.


The host system orchestrates the workflow and the data to build the dialogue.


The Middleware application runson a separate web server, allowing a simplified data exchange with the host system

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