Vocalize Client Software

The VOCALIZE Client Software utilizes the ultimate technology in the field of Industrial Speech Recognition Applications.

Thanks to the use of AI algorithms, it supports smooth voice recognition of multinational users, capable of interpreting phonetic variations and marked accents of diverse users.

Hardware Independent

VOCALIZE can potentially operate on any Android device. Embedded into the operating system, it can harness all the features of the device for your field applications.

VOCALIZE serves a wide variety of needs allowing the use of the most suitable hardware platforms for your corporate business. Each process can be paired with the most suitable device based on the user, the environment, and the application requirements.

Hands and Eyes free

Operators manage activities through simple voice inputs, working hands-free and with improved ergonomics and concentration; an alternative to traditional RF and pick-to-light (PTL) systems, or even older paper lists and pick labels.

This approach conferes to the users improved ergonomics, reduces errors, boosts productivity, as well as safety.

Adaptive Recognition

Thanks to Artificial Intelligence algorithms, VOCALIZE filters out ambient noise, electric noises caused by the device in use, and clearly identifies the user’s voice, strengthening the recognition over time.

Coexistence with Legacy Systems

VOCALIZE can coexist with legacy voice installations by operating transparently and in parallel.

By executing the same dialogues in use, VOCALIZE allows associates to operate seamlessly by maintaining the interface they’re familiar with and following exactly the same workflow.