Voice solutions for logistics and order fulfillment


Vocalize is the modern voice solution to unlock your warehouse potential

Voice technology has been enhancing logistics processes for more than twenty years supporting concurrent management of multiple activities, eliminating downtime and manual interactions, all factors positively affecting operating costs.

VOCALIZE streamlines processes, allowing workers to become operational quickly with just a few prompts.

Operators manage activities through simple voice inputs, working hands-free and with improved ergonomics and concentration.

unlock your fulfillment potential

Platform Flexibility

Meet business choices on most suitable devices to manage own workflows

Next-Level Applications

Expanding fulfillment capabilities with other Android devices

Next-Level Interactions

Enhance your comfort during lengthy operations with our improved ergonomic design

Next-Level Fulfillment

Experience future-ready workforce orchestration for human and mobile robots (AMR)

Next-Level Process management

Thanks to cutting-edge hardware devices with exceptional capabilities and a state-of-the-art software platform that utilizes AI-based recognition, VOCALIZE enables companies to complement traditional picking with additional applications to extend the possibilities for further savings and evolve process management across the entire supply chain.

High-value Service Range

Choosing a VOCALIZE solution is not solely based on the advantages of the software itself. A range of high-value services that enhance and complement your voice system can be combined with it.



Services Packs

Enterprise Mobility Management

LifeCare Contracts

Host Integration

VOCALIZE offers a set of Enterprise Connectors to seamlessly integrate into a variety of host systems.

Regardless of the database or of the communication protocol, VOCALIZE offers specific interfaces to fit with any WMS (or any other host), complemented with high-level Professional Services to support your technical department.

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What our clients say

“Thanks to our collaboration with KFI, we introduced VOCALIZE for stocking and recovery management activities. The aspect that impressed us most is its usability: Vocalize can be used right out of the box by operators, without requiring any voice training."

Giorgio Roncati Information Systems Manager

"We opted for voice because, having to frequently handle medium-sized objects, we wanted the operator to be hands-free. We chose VOCALIZE because this solution delivers so much more."

Aldo Basile General Director

"The integrations between VOCALIZE and WMS have allowed us to reinterpret our business logistics processes and free ourselves from constraints and functional limitations to a much greater extent than what we imagined."

Lorenzo Missarelli Information Systems Manager

“By adopting VOCALIZE, we have been able to rationalize, in a kind of all-in-one solution, all of the equipment used in our warehouses, streamlining the availability of hardware devices to serve different uses in our logistics pipeline.”

Riccardo Savoldelli IT Director

“We introduced VOCALIZE for production line inspection activities. This is the first time we happen to introduce a computer system that has a natural logic and flexibility to achieve the intended goal. All this for an absolutely reasonable investment.”

Marco Vardabasso General Director
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